Above Me Below

I have walked up above.

I have been lost below.

My faith in a dangerous place,

paying the cost I know.

I have been in pain

and I have been afraid.

I do it anyway;

whatever it takes

to kill the day.


I have seen no end

of charlatans and madmen.

I looked into their eyes.

I took them at their word.

I believed all the lies,

said they wanted to burn the world.

I handed them the match,

doused myself in gas,

watched the coward come

and snatch the light from them.


I have always imagined

myself as the hero,

but so does every good villain;

it puts the lie to what we know.

I could have made a killing,

bled fire like a volcano.

I just forgot what it was,

I just forgot the way…



I have blinded my eyes

staring at the Sun

and I know I’m not the only one.

I’m picking at my flaws,

to reveal my insides.

Not sure what I’ll find.

Not sure what I was

before I lost my mind.


Am I beautiful light,

or hungry dark?

Am I just a fire

waiting for a spark?

All I know is that this life is growing cold.

I’ve never been so exposed;



Lost in places where nobody goes.

So far up above,

so far down below.


HG – 2016

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