New International Shipping Zones

Good morning, I have added new international shipping zones to the website for those interested in purchasing from the webstore. Currently there is only one item for sale, my inaugural collection of poetry "Children of The New Unknown" signed copy. There are more things coming soon! Be safe. Be well. Much Love! -DJR

Danger Close

I grow tired of even my own deceptions. Survival was never assured, so I think, I have held on to the masquerade long enough. Division traps the soul and envy drowns her siblings. Familial, every betrayal is by nature close to home.   Devoured in chaos? Simple, walk away. We all have the power to … Continue reading Danger Close

Last Days of The Sun

I close my eyes and try to picture you. All I see is the purest blue. I guess light is a particle, too. All along its wavelength, I feel my way; color blind, or desensitized.   I've been waiting my whole life to see you. All of these are invitations; every word a summoning. I've … Continue reading Last Days of The Sun

New Life Sunshine

The dream is dead. A long time waking to this new reborn, no mistaking this for yesterday and notably not tomorrow.   I left a corpse where the old standard lay. I woke up, stepped out of my body. I wasn't really scared, it just felt right.   There was no bright light, or descending … Continue reading New Life Sunshine

Blue Sky – New Dawn

  She isn’t’ going to argue with you; there’s not enough time left in the day. It’s such a hopeless situation, why put those struggles on display? She knows the day is coming soon, when she’s going to leave this room and cross into a new, brighter point of view; now she’s leaving you.   … Continue reading Blue Sky – New Dawn