Good To See You


Tell me the best thing

that’s come around

to you.

I haven’t heard any good news

in a while.

Just watching waste

chase after tragedy,

it seems so long

since I’ve smiled.



it’s so good to see you.

Missed a friendly face

out here.

Getting by

on sweat and conviction,

it’s been a rough

past couple years.



I know that things

are tough all over.

I’m not trying to complain.

So let’s sit back

and play those old songs,

see if we remember them again.


We came from

way back when,

things were simple

and we couldn’t imagine

that it would ever get this way.

Whiskey chasing back tragedy.


Tell me that things

are good back home.

Tell me the family

is good.

tell me that money

isn’t tight.

Tell me that things

work as they should.


Lets have a laugh

and share some tales

of fish we caught

and lines that failed.

When it’s time

that we part ways,

let’s wish each other

better days.



HG – 2022

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