Reblog Wednesday – “Timelines”

A piece about how we deal with time and how we learn to feel the world around us and react to it. Timing is everything. The difference between a killer joke and a dive bomb, a home run and a strike, a perfect shot and a missed kill. There’s no substitute for good timing. It’s […]


  Break me. CRACK! Okay. I’m broken. Now what? Discard me? I am food for the soil. If I am bone, I can still be set, even when shattered. If I am wood, then a branch becomes a stick, which can be used to make a tool. Break the stick, the twig can be burned […]

Life of Water

  Separating a single rain drop from the river. Finding that one, that singularity. Thunderstorm hammers upon the mountain, like a breaking wave, making one thing become another. Clear mountain stream splits the gorge. Rolling down until the rock yields high waterfalls and canyon rapids. Known the sky, and the fall, and the heights. Been […]

Story of Your Life

  We can drink until we feel pretty enough to talk to, brave enough to fight for, or sad enough to cry. Leave old bandages piled on the floor, as we expose old wounds and share stories of a life lived. Come on, let me pour another. Drain back the last of that Kentucky elixir […]

Self-Editing Consciousness

   Scrolling through, deleting lines. Cannot sever the consciousness, though. I try to wind down my enchantment with you, with all of this. Not worried about what it used to be. Don’t lose sleep over what we will become. I am afraid of who we are, soulless automatons, just waiting for our programming. So, I […]


  It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what you think you think, because your dreams will make a liar out of you. It doesn’t matter what you say. Words are just vibrations and the ones that echo in your skull are piss running down your leg when the time comes. When the big world calls […]

Built to Lose

  Take it for what it is. After a while the words all mean nothing. Every “No” a “Yes”, and every “Yes” a “No”. Just the chaos of interpretation. Drowned out, the mad sound of decisions. Placate the need to understand by turning up the volume, but never giving in to the demand. I can […]

Belt of Orion

  Set about to take on an unfamiliar journey. So strange and foreign the terrain. The only certainty is dying in the same state I was birthed in. Why not die elsewhere? Does it really matter?   Seeking a path between the stars, between the moments that make a life. That cold, winter sky is […]

Maze Within a Maze

  One path. One past away. There is no lingering in the garden maze. Labyrinthine grown, it will take you home. But winter comes and soon, all will be done.   Hurry on. Though fruit and flower will tempt to stop and savor. Even thorn and briar will reach out and attempt to catch your […]

Empty Suit

  Cracks in the armor reveal the void inside. Turns out you are a “Never Were”. Sunlight warrior. Moonlight child. Somehow, you have always been able to keep that breastplate shining. Tough love. Tough luck. This one rough road tumbles any soul. The day breaks, just like the pike lines before the cavalry charge. That’s […]

Old Bottles

  Dragging thoughts out into the light watching them thrive, or languish, or turn to smoke. Just a joke, or a lie.   No radiance without patience. No purpose without resistance. Just an aimless ride, the meter running the whole time.   Escaping out through cracks in the façade. Truth exudes from the very eyes […]

Big Dreamer

   No fame under stadium lights to crave, but only that warm embrace of home. Can I tell you, I used to seek knowledge in high places, sewer secrets, but now, there is only the dawn. Classic fall of the big dreamer. Icarus’ wings have nothing on me. Dreams are only the fine, gossamer framework […]

The Arena

  Entering the arena. There is no return to being the former man who didn’t enter. Stepping across the threshold is enough, but it is only a whisper of what is to come. Coming face to face with reality, that hard, unyielding structure, is a type of violence we are not built for, but strangely, […]

Defying Expectations

  Break down, but not the same kind you used to face. This is on purpose. Too much turmoil on the surface, putting on the brakes.   Slowing down. Not that old fashioned instant deceleration. The kind of ending state we used to find you in on so many Sundays.   You look like you’re […]

One Holy Moment

  This is the world. Cold and desperate. Dark and despondent. What light do you bring to it? This is it. One Holy moment. Nothing more sacred than present time. How are you going to influence the continuum? Or will it influence you? Will you cross the Rubicon, move on to something beautiful? All you […]

Star Gazer

  The light didn’t seem to touch you, as if you cloaked yourself in vestments of your own melancholy. We were young, and the world was hostile, breeding hostility in us. We would learn how to be fragile. Some of us, cracked and dented vessels. Others of us shattered completely, only to use our shards […]


  Solutions require problems. Problems require conflict. Conflict requires will, and will needs dreams to be born. Grinding out another creation. Trying to add material while whittling away at this reality, making it show its face. Nothing left and nothing gained, if nothing dared and nothing sacrificed. This is the edge of the world, the […]