Under This Perfect Sky

Watch the storm clouds break against the evening sky, the deep blue of the coming night, big as an ocean. My headlights barely seem to touch the pavement, wet with the passing rain. I should be paying attention. Animals are on the move this time of day, and my Jeep might take a mule deer, […]

Knowing the Way

  So, this is the way? I never would have guessed, you know? How do you hide all these twists and turns in what looks like a straight road?   I’ve asked a lot of questions and didn’t like the answers much. I’m the kind you have to deceive, because if you grab me by […]


  Carry me through my infatuations. Dispose of any bodies in my wake. The days are strange and getting stranger by the hour, by the minute, by the gaze.   My eyes open and I take in the light of this blessed morning. Take this vessel on a journey, so that I can see clearly […]

Pine Cones

  Innocence passed away. The world was not the same. What had once been colors is now grey. I am not afraid. this is the way the game is played and we are paid with bloodstains.   Concentrate. Remember when we were  young and pine cones were grenades. Never worried that things would blow up […]

A Buried Signal

  I hear something in the noise, so subtle that I’ve missed it until now, but I can hear it, a message in the madness. Maybe a few cycles different, running counter to the current, frequency to one adjacent, hidden deep in the turbulence.   I can’t tell if it’s been buried there on purpose, […]

That Night

  Take me back to that night we explored the darkness and its subtleties tried to hold us, caress us and enfold us. Was it magic, or was it merely a hallucination that dragged us up out of ourselves?   The wide sky, brightly scattered stars told us the story of our lives and we […]

Old Spiders

  I was told once that old spiders, before they die, get so full of venom, they lose their minds. Instinct slowly overrides and they start looking for something to bite.   Big, mean, and aggressive. So, I guess my question is, when are you gonna come down off your web and start trying to […]

A Promise to the Dreaming

  Listening, barely more than a whisper. Eyes closed still, are you dreaming? Rapid eyes tell me you are somewhere else right now.   Where will you be when you wake up? What kind of world will you occupy? Ranging from comforting to torturous, could anyone really be prepared?   Something is escaping your lips. […]

Lessons from the Undergrowth

  Take the lessons where they come, be it from the lowest gutters, or the highest mountains. Learn well what life teaches and learn to recognize teachers and prophets.   Life might guide you into the high tangle of branches and beyond, but that kind of freedom only comes with lessons learned.   To some, […]

War and Peace

  It’s so hard to feel strong walking away from a fight. When the last of the adrenalin fades, you’ll know the choice you made was right.    There’ll be another fight, another day. Pride giveth, and pride taketh away. A long story that will never change. Turn the other cheek and get shot in […]

Whole Wide World

  The things that stopped us were all in our own heads, insurmountable monuments to our inability. It didn’t seem that we could shake the chains that they had bound around our minds.   What kind of life was this?   It was you, who first woke up and stood before the day. I could […]

Call a Friend

  Speak to me, I need to hear you. Wherever you are, just speak the words. You summon me, then banish me just as quickly, but even the pain of resurrection is better than silence.   I know you’re out there, hurt and yearning for something. These strange times are enough to break anyone. Even […]

Sleeping In

. I’m not used to waking up With sunlight in my eyes. I’m used to being greeted by the dark. I’m used to being long gone before your eyes are open, not here, looking at you while the birds sing. There’s something about sleeping in with you that feels to me like I’m extending a […]

Flowers for the Dead

  What more could I possibly ask of you? You’ve given me everything that I could have wanted. Slowly slid into dystopia, hiding nothing from me in your shadow.   I asked you for the secret the first time we met. You didn’t have to tell me, but you played along with it. Smiled when […]


Precious, why don’t you say what you mean? Speak the words and let them fall. Besides, you can’t help the ears of others recognize you’re feeling whatever it is you’re thinking, anyway.   Even a cheap joke kills if it is timed right. You’re don’t have to be an artist to practice the art of […]

Rabbit Hole

  Impossible to be anything more than we have been; the culmination.   As we conclude, mistake, intrude, our legacy befalls us.   How did you ever think you were going to get away with it? This is just one of the infinite cycles of justice. Run all you want, try to bargain with all […]

One Degree

   Pay attention to your words, everything that comes from you. You’re creating reality, not just for you, but everyone around you. Within, without, we’re encountering ourselves; a spirit we recognize in all things, in all times. If we don’t take the medicine, the whole world gets sick and this is all our own doing. […]