Post-Ritual Decline

  Escape is only a delusion. Fabric of what was reality hangs off of our bones in torn strips, and wisps, hinting at who we thought we were.   So quick to compensate. Born relevant, but losing pace, laughing out our sole denial.   So hard to come back into this each time it comes […]

Animal Anomalous

  Nature doesn’t make mistakes; such a stupid thing to say. Everyone and everything mistakes its natures in its way. The lines on a plane indicate directions, but we line up on either side forming into factions.   It’s amazing how easily we get it wrong. A stranger’s look, or the words to a song, […]


  Waking while the world still sleeps. Climbing silently from our beds. Pull on coats and quiet shoes, or tip-toe out with them in hand.   Slip the lock and trip the latch. Out the door, or out the window. While others dream in their heads, we are about to go out into the night. […]

Making Art

  Building something beautiful on a paper of imperfections. Gliding lines along spider fingers, trying to spin and weave in concert.   No blueprint, or skeleton. No guiding light, or master’s touch. Just me, and my mind, and my soul, reaching out into the universe.   What is the point if it is not to […]


  Burning the enmity within you. what is hate? What makes you smile? Conquering yourself means knowing who you really are.   Kingdom, or a shadow? Birthright, or spoils of war? Princeling, or a pauper? Do you know what kind of life you were meant for?   Have you considered the very real possibility that […]

In Our Nature

  Time encloses, surely as a wall. Every day we place a brick. Then after years we look about and wonder, how on earth we became so trapped.   What is it about the wild, that seeks to disturb the very ground on which we’ve built ourselves?    Cracks begin to show in even the […]

Mending a Broken Wing

  Broken wing on the mend. Grounded in this land. Staring at an empty sky, looking for a place to stand. This doesn’t seem like the same place. These don’t seem like the same kind. they’re all wearing the same face and speaking with the same mind.   They all used to yearn for the […]


  What gives way to a breakthrough? Tuning in to me, letting me in to you. Sounding like a depth charge, an explosion, or an ocean; a never ending crash.   The only thing that lets us know this place is madness, is the silence of the outside. This is just a wave of self-destruction […]

A Dying Place

  Breaking through myself, my armor and my shell. Protected the only way I knew. Blocked out everyone, including you. Why am I only learning now that I have been missing out?   I could have put my shield down. I was strong enough to survive the storm. Life has such funny ways of teaching […]

You and Me

It’s so cold the river won’t run, the frozen air hides the sun, and we can’t count on anyone; it’s just you and me, Babe. The things we thought would always be, were not what we always believed, but we knew, eventually, it’d be just you and me, Babe. Time reveals all of our lies, […]


  The world is yours. It was given to you by our grandfather, who was given it to him by his grandfather, and so on, and so on, all the way back to the beginning.   In the beginning, the Creator made the land, and the water, and the sky, and all the birds in […]

Happy Accident

  Block them out. I don’t want to hear them. I don’t want to see them. I don’t want to know, life isn’t as easy as any story, we were told.   Whoever said that it would be so simple, didn’t know the hour, or the day. Everybody’s playing their own angle. Everyone is trying […]

Live Poetry

  Fill every page with words. Fill every moment with life, pain and experience, love and its consequence, until we go.   Let every step through this world be a movement set to music. A slow waltz, a quick step, a long withdrawal.   Eyes shine as if beholding love in the first and every […]

The Eleventh Hour

  Child of the new world, who told you what to believe? Gave you every piece of information, but held our own counsel in context?   I see you stepping out on your first steps of your first journey. Too vain to be afraid, something that we did to you.   Did we tell you […]

Fly on the Wall

  I need something beautiful. The pain in my head just won’t go away. I’m waiting for the drugs to kick in, but they don’t want to come out and play.   Woke up this morning and took up my war with the sky. Didn’t win anything, but I didn’t die. So, I guess we’ll […]

A Venture

   We are now awake, unsure if we will ever sleep again. Inhabiting this foreign hour, unexposed and remain depleted. We didn’t know the world even existed outside of our common timeline.    This is an intrusion, and we are the intruders. seeing real light, the universe, before we touch it. Washing it out with […]

Acrimony and Sacred Places

  Bitter is the way we’ve become, but what else could we be? We held all the answers in our hands, walked the path of Truth with our feet, reached up and brought down stars to light the darkness of our ignorance with our bare hands.   I’m not sure when we lost our innocence. […]

Shape and Shadow

  I can barely see. Something is covering my eyes. Everything is dim light, shape and shadow. I have no sense of space, but I can feel that I am moving. Anxious, but I fear nothing. No concept of an enemy.   No idea of myself, as I have never really seen me. Balance of […]