Embracing Smoke


Thoughts are gone,

like smoke,

like sand,

like time

escapes the fence

of my experience.

Hang on all I want

and I’m only

gonna hurt my hands

with the grip.

Break my bones

and I know

they will heal,

and I’ll forget the pain.

And that scares me,

because pain

has been all I had

for so long.

The beach

forgets each wave

before the next one

crashes in.

The sky

doesn’t remember

the thunderstorms

of yesterday.

And the garden

can’t recall the rain

even moments after its fallen.

I’m afraid

that I’ll forget you.

It seems that time

is a black hole

for tragic

and complicated memories.

I look back

and try to remember

who we were

in the times before

and the pictures

in my mind


around the edges.

I try to clutch them

to my chest,

but I find myself


embracing smoke.



HG – 2022

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