Mental Health Monday – 09.05.22



I see so many resilient people who just never get told they’re doing well. Modern society has them fucked up. They can’t see the value of their contributions through the bombardment of “Influencers” and social engineers. They become despondent, lost, and bitter when they feel their efforts have gone unnoticed, or unappreciated.

Why do you think the service industry has suffered so badly? Is it the quality of the staff? No. It is the quality of the customers. Entitled, spoiled, and impatient patrons, who seem to think their $20 lunch bill gives them license to treat the staff like shit. Or the endless reams of customers that come into small shops and complain that they can get the same goods cheaper online? Motherfucker, if that’s the case, then why are you here!?

We don’t appreciate other people’s efforts and often, we overvalue our own. We want more for doing less and we want it now. We want praise and accolades, but fail to give them. We want excellence, then refuse to even acknowledge it when it is standing right in front of us.

We are all going to go through hard times. Most of us will still get our asses out of bed and go to work. Many work I  jobs where a kind word, or bit of encouragement isn’t forthcoming, but we do it anyway; we all have bills to pay.

My challenge to you all, is to help someone through their tough time, by simply acknowledging someone’s competence, their excellence, or their effort. If you get great service in a restaurant, say something. Leave a tip with a note that encourages them to keep up the great work.

By the same token, if you see someone who is struggling in their day-to-day, say something. Reach out. A simple, “Hey, that looks really difficult.”, or “Hang in there, you’re doing great.” can mean all the difference to someone who feels like they are barely treading water.

If we help each other through the tough times, we all win. If we encourage each other, rather than criticize each other,  it’s a net benefit for us all. If we can set down our own perspective for just a few minutes and look around, we can help each other. We need everyone.

Have a great week.


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