The Perfect Shot


Holding it all back.

Never letting go.

Walking along the beach,

driving the freeway,

away from home.


I’m slipping my tether,

I can feel

the knot is working loose.

What is freedom

to me,

if I am all I lose?


All this never made sense.

How am I supposed to be

so limited in time and space,

but an infinite possibility?


A child of divine creation,

tied into this body,

that wants,

what it wants,

when it wants it.


I can feel

the tether wearing thin.

I can feel

the rope about to break.

If I can just hold on

a little longer,

I just might be free

of my mistakes.


Walking down a crowded square.

Flying across seas to see

how far I can get

from my shadow,

but it’s always laying

at my feet.


I can feel

my tether break,

and I’m full of possibility.


like an unfired arrow.



for the aim to be


No fear,

just breathe

and be released.



HG – 2020

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