Casualty of the Sun


Burn out my eyes

oh, precious sunshine.

I’m alive,

but so far from my hive.

I never knew

this world could get so high

and wide.

Man, it goes on for miles.


Took a little time

to stop and smell the flowers.

Time slows down

and the minutes seem like hours,

as we’re

each trying to figure it all out

on our own.

Turns out I’ve got

a lot of room to grow.


Shut my mouth.

Stick it closed,

because I don’t have the words

to describe this life.

So much good,

but so much pain

contained behind

the beauty of those eyes.


But I,

lost my sight long ago,

staring at the Sun,

instead of watching the road.

And it all went down from there.

I didn’t think that you would care.


The hope of youth,

the dawn of a light inside.

I’m trying to keep a little piece of it alive.

Even though we all fade in time.

I still enjoy the sunshine.



HG – 2020

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