Hammer Sky

Some days the rain falls down.

Some days the Sun shines on.

Look at us all right now,

it could be anyone.

We woke up full grown,

with the mind of a child in us.

So much left to do

before we turn to dust.


Struggle up from the ground,

breaking the hold

that chokes us out.

Somewhere between

the hammer sky

and anvil clouds.


Fairy tales we’re told

to teach the children

right from wrong,

but now we learn,

the Witch and the Wolf

controlled the kingdom

all along.


The light of hope

in the child’s eyes


as the dawning of thoughts


Awakening the mind,

taking it far up

between the hammer sky

and anvil clouds.


Maybe we are made

stronger by all of this,

but it doesn’t feel that way

in the moment.

We all start off so low,

and quickly we grow.

Curiosity it seems,

makes us easy to deceive,

as the past shows.


Drag ourselves out of this.

Pass the guard and release.

Lift up into the air,

higher until we’re free.

This is where we are made

stronger by the storm.

Up in the atmosphere

where our vision is born.

We’re gonna come back down

when we’re ready to go to ground,

but for now,

we’re up here,

between the hammer sky

and anvil clouds.



HG – 2020

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