The Lie

Ask me again.

You have

so many questions,

and I have done much

to elude you.


Wrap myself

in mystery and riddles,

but never quite explain

the truth,

but now,

I’m telling you.


You were young,

so young

and ignorant.

The truth to you

would have been

as useless as the lie.


The lie was made

in such as way,

as to improve you,

so when you figured it out,

then you might be ready.


Here you stand,


soul burning brightly.

Righteous and indignant.

You have every right to be,

after all,

you have been deceived.


You come to me,


that I tell you

the truth.

Are you really so obtuse?


What makes you think

that the truth I tell you

won’t be a lie, too?


I’ve already proven

that I’m willing to lie,

to manipulate you

for my own designs.

What makes you think

this time

will be any different?


The truth

is something

you must seek

for yourself.

I can’t give it to you,

but I can see

that you’re ready.




Seek and find

what you need,

and if anyone claims to know,

you can be sure

they’re lying.


HG – 2020

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