Selected for Processing



in my comfort,

my protective shadow,

my dark habitation.

So far from everything,

and everyone.

Playing with the light

left in my hands.

Just amusing myself,

so easy,

when there is no one else.


My mind describes

only the shell around me,

never penetrating

the deeper darkness.

I think I see

out of the corner of my eye,

something moving out there.

A shade I can’t define,

carving its way

in and out of my vision.


I can’t place it,

but I’m both curious

and terrified.

I use what little light I have

to illuminate the world around me.

Feeble as my attempts are,

I can just barely

make out your form,

moving freely,

like I’ve never seen anyone do.

Reaching out to me,

wanting me to be free, too.


I reach out,

beyond the safety of my shadow,

and our hands touch,

the feeling,


and electric.

Then I see your face,

as you move in to the light,

and I am terrified.

As I try to pull away,

you put your chains on me,

and drag me out

into a world I’ve never seen.


No darkness to find safety in,


Everything is clear,

and I can see why we are kept blind.

All that safety

was only

an illusion.

I understand,

as I am led away

in chains.

Like a prisoner,

like an animal

to the slaughterhouse.


What did I wake up to?


HG – 2020

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