We don’t just walk away

from this place.

Here is who we are.

Every memory

we have made thus far.

We don’t give up the ghost,

nor linger

on the threshold.


We’re all in,

or all the way out.

Either an inmate,

or an escapee.

You see,

we make this world

and all that lives in it

have meaning.


The color of the sunrise,

over crystal, blue waters.

The high mountains,

looking over all of

this creation.

The evening sky,

lighting up your face,

with hues of amber.


We make all of this;

no question.

No intermediary

between us and experience.

Held up.

Tied down.

Only different in our recollections.


We’re here

to be,



and protect

all of this,

for such a short time.


Make it good.

Oh, please, make it good.

We don’t just walk away

from this place.

When we go,

we fly.



HG – 2020

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