Struggle To Survive

Words that once reassured me,

now fill me with dread.

I prayed for you,

and all my dreams came true,

in nightmare clarity.


I wrapped the wounds.

I set the bone.

I treated the infection,

but you were still there,

killing me,

torturing me,

burning down my home.


Pain is loneliness,

and affliction is abandonment.

Dragging us lower, too,

when we realize we asked you to

deliver us from this place.

Bought a lie and sold the truth.

The elect have been deceived.


we have to make it though.


A struggle to survive.

We have never struggled

for our lives


Now we’re shuttered in;

alone with our sins,

facing what we were asking for.


It’s alive in us;

our regret,

and our destruction.

Salvation stays,

just out of the way.

Not ready to beg quite yet.


We thought we were so smart.

We thought we were so brave.

Didn’t think it though,

believed you,

and threw our thoughts away.

Now we’re here,

cowering in fear,

it doesn’t have to end this way.


A struggle to survive.

We might have believed your lies.

Fallen for them every time.

Maybe we’re getting wise.

Pleading for our lives.


Trapped and cornered, here.

Instinct over fear.

Predator becomes the prey.

Not going to die this way.

The end is coming soon.

Infected, now immune.

We don’t believe you, now.

We’re gonna cut you down.


Struggle to survive.



HG – 2020

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