The Man in The Sky

Holy astronaut,

full of grace;

what do you see

from your place

way up in outer space?

Are we gold,

or are we waste?


You’re so far up above us all,

left to explore the darkness,

but when you come back to us,

are we worthy

of the return journey?


What do you know,

way up there,

past the atmosphere?

(or maybe not)

Bathed in radiation,

free of gravity.


So let me ask you;

will you never fall,

or are you forever falling

towards some bigger thing?

Moving to the heaviness

of some distant star.

Is it foolish to think we are

stars and comets?


What do you see up there?

Are we at all

of any consequence?

Or are we

just dust

in a solar wind?

Would you judge us

for our sin?


If you could come down

and bring us back one thing,

some cosmic ideal,

a cure for human beings.

What would you say?

What would you do?

Oh, Holy astronaut;

this is your home, too.

Or is it?


Celestial citizen, now.

Far away explorer.

Intrepid innocence.

Darkness conqueror.


There it is again;

that urge to go away

and never return,

but you have to.

This is your home, too.


HG – 2020

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