I’ve got my skeletons

locked in the deepest depths.

Forget them if I could,

but all the do is wail,

and rattle their bones,

and shake their chains.

No matter how far I go,

I can’t escape

who I am.

Who I was then.



I played a mean defense,

to every passerby.

I would sleep through the day,

get up and steal the night.

This old, haphazard loneliness

pacified me for a time.

Then, I awoke one morning,

surrounded by the bones.

The mocking, grinning skulls

of everyone I’d known.

They screamed and cried until

I lost my loving mind.

I wandered off that day,

wondering what I’d find,

between my skeletons

and the rest of time.



HG – 2020

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