Light Speed Ride

I don’t know what this is going to be,

maybe we just have to hang on and see.

A light speed ride through the galaxy?

or head first crash into misery?

I make no promises and tell no lies.

The tax man cometh,

and the tax man dies.

Take and take,

until you’re satisfied.

I’m not here so you can live my life.

I’m giving up.

I’m giving it,

my everything.

Turn on a dime,

flip of a coin,

could be anything.

Take advantage where I can.

I came to win.

Everything is unfair,

so here we go again.

I can’t say I know the reasons why

you chose to stand here my by side.

I never said that we’d survive;

only that you’d feel alive.

I made the most of this while I could.

We made it further

than we thought we would.



HG – 2020

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