this music calls to me,

or puts me to sleep.

It’s there

upon waking

every day,




I find myself

falling in with the beat

and marching on

to the highest peak.


Other times I fall,

down between the keys,

somewhere discordant,


but always

only one movement away

from making the hairs on my neck raise,

or drawing a tear

from my eye.


It takes me apart,

and puts me back together.

Lost and out of tune.

Drawn inside,

and healed by in, too.

Such a strange language

that speaks to me,

as consciousness breaks free.

Never really lonely,

with the universe

serenading me.


Drifting off to sleep.

Sing to me,

set my soul at ease.

Bring me to some new dream.

Let me be renewed,

tomorrow needs to be

something new.

It changes me,

of that,

I am sure.


Everything and all of me.

Lost and found,

embraced and set free.

Always been




HG – 2020

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