Light and Rainbows

Imagine me

so completely

consumed by you,

it’s like I was never

here at all.


only dust

and motes

in the sunlight,

remaining of me.


My whole world is you.

Don’t you lie to me.

I have rested

on your breast,

nestled in your fissures,

healed you when I cut you,

raised you to the Sun,

burned your effigy

and cried out loud

that I was never

enough for you.


Back when I existed,

I was just a fly

on the wall

of your life.

I was just a kite

in your sky.


I never believed

you would destroy me,

but some gnawing truths

eventually hit the bone.


You carried me away.

A river, at once kind

and throttling.


and drowning

in the nurture.

Soothing in the lazy bends.


No more ways

I can describe you.

Harvester of my soul

and reaper constant.

I spread my arms wide,

ran to embrace you

and I never returned



Such it is;

the way of light and rainbows.

Neither are the thing;

the rain has passed

and the sun burns

hot as ever.

Everything is consumed

in this;

even the world.


HG – 2019

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