There’s a light on

in there,


Behind the shutters

and the curtains drawn.

Hidden in a closet,

or in a cupboard,

Underneath something,

underneath everything.

You can

hide it away.

You can dampen the flame,

but you risk


like burning it all down

with all you love inside.


There’s a light on

in there,


I can sense it,

warm and even glowing.

Capable and ancient.

You are so afraid

that if you let it show,

the monsters will find you

and they will come and kill you.


I can’t believe

that no one told you;

that light is a weapon

used to destroy the darkness

and drive it away.

No one ever showed you how

to wield it properly,

so you’re afraid

and I am afraid for you.

You can’t go on like this.


So, let it go.

Bring out the light again.

Open your heart

and let it burn.

Tear down all

those walls you built.

They could never protect you,

only confine you.

Throw back the shutters, now.

Let your light out

and let the life in.


Let the darkness come.

I’ll lend my light to yours

and we will burn,


Like stars in the infinite.

Just let it go.


HG – 2019

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