Primer Down

Pull me
out of thin air.
Drain me
like a poisoned wound.
Form me
out of ash again.
I’m lonely.
So lonely.

Scratch me out
on to
and into
your fragrant skin.
Don’t let me go.

Capture me
from wherever I am,
in the space between,
and give me bones.

I am still elemental.
and water,
and sky.
pure and void.
I occupy

Lay the base.
Primer down
and bring me
back to life.
An oil sheen,
a graven arm,
one sinuous line,
and I am there.

Bring me
from the outside in.
Even these words
are a conjuring.
a line between
over there
and here
with the touch of your hands.

HG – 2019

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