Coming on

to where the colors bend,

that light destroyer,

Hadron Collider.


infinite geyser

of endless order,

or chaos in everything.


Press that button

and we thought we’d be easy,

like rigor mortis,

or a simple word.

But we’re not

even dimly aware,


drawing what is the ether

into servos and systems.


The question is;

Is this us,

or is it something


Breaking down

like all our systems

like to do.

We don’t take

criticism well,

especially when our dreams

are bright

and high

and non-binary.



that insecure lie,

that we belong at all.

Split from the mind,

that consciousness






since before time

and now

we’re gonna wake it up.

We’re gonna wake it up.

we’re gonna wake it up.


Down the spiral we go.


into the crucible.


What have we here?

Something unfathomable.


HG – 2018

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