Climate Deniers

We fell

into winter,

dry cold

when the wind blows

and hated every minute of it.

We begged

for the thaw.


Each and every one

rescued on holidays

a severed ember,

lit a fire

and we exploded

and imploded

every once in a while.


Hang on tight, Dear;

for grim survival.

The snowdrifts pile up.

The day demands our perfect sacrifice,

abundant in this land.

Burn a candle,

burn a forest,

burn a village;

no consequence.


We’re both deniers

in the bone chilling wind,

but saviors

in the sense,

that warm winds carry

those miseries

that we don’t see

in Winter.

So let it stay frozen

and let our entreaty

be unto the frost.


I told you once,

that when Winter comes

we’d make the most,

we’d get things done,

but soon we hated

every one

and eschewed the gifts

they gave us.


Oh Winter;

how you’ve made us wrong.

Twisted our resolve,

so long.

We have denied

the truth inside;

that our salvation,

should we survive,

is in you.


HG – 2018

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