Prey Animal

I’ve been watching

from in between

the cold, indecipherable

and the post.

In the raw beginnings,

I was there;

I stalked you patient

and let you be.

That first half wandering

the garden labyrinth,

a fettered stumble,

no space to gain

any momentum,

but you grew stronger

and I knew

it was time

to take you.


You will only be

fuel for what I need

to do.

Don’t mind me,

I’m just passing through

your skin into your heart,

your skull into your mind.

I’ll take it from here;

you’ve had your time

in the line of sight.

The firing line,

the time has come

to step aside

and feed the next

creation new.

I’m coming up

to devour you

and move this story on.


No good-byes

and no sweet sorrows.

Cycles of this state becomes us.

Circles drawn around in quarters.

Ascension of who we thought we were.

There must come a time when words will fail

and only blood will pay the price we carried.

So we must turn and face

our mortal signature

and let the dead be dead

and living enter

the colonnaded venture holy.


Only those who die

can ask redemption.

Only those that hunt

can eat their quarry.

I’ve been watching you from the shadows.

Goodnight is your breath escaping you.


HG – 2018

6 thoughts on “Prey Animal

      1. I tend to go between punk rock. hip hop, metal, country, funk, classical and blues. Whatever suits my mood at the time. I like most music, as long as it is good.


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