Sunshine and A Rose

A cross

to bear;

a certain time has come.

Loss and care;

oh, what have I become?

I kept a child’s eyes

as long as I could stand.



I’ve come to understand,

that I don’t,

that I’m not,

never was,

been so lost.

I thought I knew,

thought I had,

dust to dust,

all to sand,

all to ash.


This feels like dying inside.

This feels like losing faith.

No need for false bravado,

or slick exteriors,

here it’s okay to be

broken in a thousand pieces.

Suffering is requisite

for divine consideration.

Honest as it is painful,

true as it is precise.

The angel on your shoulder

conquers the Devil twice.



coming back

to the place

that stained your soul.


turning back,

keep your head

and keep control.

Just admit

your weaknesses

and know

that this is how it goes.

It never is,

it never was,

sunshine and a rose.


It’s always knives.

It’s always war.

It’s always tests

of who we are.

It’s been like this

long before

we ever made it this far.


So innocence

Quietly dies,

was probably dead

a thousand times.

I close a child’s eyes

and open up

to this life.


It’s time to choose,

to take a stand.

No more remorse,

no will to bend.

For times are hard

for weaker men

and harder times

breed strength in them.


Little did I know

that I knew

what to do

the whole time.

Maybe we’re not

so badly equipped

after all.

We’re just afraid

to say good-bye

and step outside.


HG – 2018

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