Pictures of You


My mind paints

the very first time

we met,

over and over.

Sketches out

a turbulent romance,

trying to catch the fire.


Street art,


meet classical techniques

as I try

to depict

our intertwining fates.



mixed media,

vie to be a token

of the good times

and the bad.


No medium between

who we have been

and who we are now.

Captured in an AI rendering;

not hope,

not love,

not desperation.


The way oils

need the canvas,

or watercolor,

the paper,

or tattoo ink,

the skin,

we have become

some inextricable expression.


You and I;


and memes.

Just two

and this whole life

a scene.


Thought perfected

with you

as my muse,

filling my mind’s eye

with images

and pictures

of you.



HG – 2022

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