Honest Hangover


Break off the old blinders.

Big picture time.

Leave the little things behind.

Water down the river.

Long past time

I’ve jumped in it.

Long past time

I made the decisions

that let me be

and stopped stopping me.

It isn’t enough

to want it.


is a fire lit

that if not doused

burns down the house

and everyone in it.

Fear was never

a good best friend.

It always brought a bottle,

but never had

a hand to lend.

Waking up,

head in the clouds.

Thought I fell asleep

on the ground,

but now,

here I am.

Talking to myself again.

Hoping I’ll listen.

hoping I’ll question.

Hoping this time,

I’ll finally pay attention.

The lesson is over.

School’s been out

all summer.

Too many wasted days

make life a bummer.

It goes too fast.

But at last

I’m using my whole eye,

by whole mind.

Am I?

Sure feels different

this time.

Walking down

one last long goodbye

and reach for the horizon line.



HG – 2022

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