Coming out from this dream.


to this

new reality.

Was this always reality?

With each breath,

let it come.

I’m aware

of colors extruding

through the grey,

leeching in,

something I’ve never seen.

It’s like there’s a window

open somewhere

within me

and I can feel the cool air,

and I can hear the breeze,

but I don’t know where

it’s coming from,

even though I know

what it means.

Guess I’ll have to step outside

and be ready for whatever comes

after this.

Was caught up in a moment,

but now, I have been

set adrift.

No longer a place and time,

but to this new life

I commit


This new world,

this new war,

this new Christ.

I can feel it coming on the wind.

Holding on

and holding still.

My eyes can’t believe

the way the light gets in

and turns

the darkness

into colors




HG – 2022

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