Breaking the Distraction


Trying to stay addicted

to simplicity.


the long gone,

broken ritual.

Sacrificing things

in vain

has gained no recompense,

no favor.


Changing who I am again.

No rationale,

or leading feeling,

just sublimating inspiration

and riding out



This new thing

is just like all the others;

a new mountain

that’s left for me to climb.

I know what life is

at the bottom,

I’m just going up

to get high.


Up and down.

Left and right.

Right and wrong.

Day and night.

Distilling this down

to something simple,

something actionable.


Caught up in the whirlwind

of the movements,

of the moments.





Breaking the distraction.

Tying myself in

to the slow,

deliberate vein.

Healing and complete,

no longer a string

wound around

a witching stick.


I will find my way.



HG – 2022

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