We stumbled

down old, sacred pathways.

Each seeking to unfold

the dream

that had hidden itself

from our consciousness.


so young,

yet so prepared.

Ready to endure,

for you were all damage.


I was listless,

no intrepid one,

just languishing,

dying in my prime.

I had been content

to be an empty vessel,

but something called me out

and put a song in my heart

where before

there had only been hunger.


Our first steps

were tentative.

Then soon,

we became bolder.

We strode the wide spaces

and traversed the gaps,

often ignorant

of the hidden dangers.

I learned things about myself,

and you learned things about me.

Things I came to wish that you had not.


One night,

you slipped away

into the small spaces

between the shadows,

and I could not follow.

We had wandered

too far out

and in my searching,

I too became lost.


I became a vagrant.

Itinerant traveller.

Until, one day,

after a long time,

I stumbled out of the shadows

and into the light.

I spent a long time recovering.

In many ways,

I am still lost

in those dark places,

the very ones

that claimed you.


I still look for you,

you know,

when the night settles in

and everything becomes a shadow,

but my eyes

do not linger there long.

I have my own light, now.



HG – 2022

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