Finding You


Seeking your face

amongst this crush

of bodies,

this anonymous war.

Seeing you would be

the only thing

that could erase the pain

and chase away the ghosts.


All these

sad and somber faces,

lit by the light of their screens

and I think

that each one

looks like Death,

their faces sickly.


Searching for you

amongst the dead.

I look for the light

in your eyes.

You reflect a world

I do not know.

You make me realize

I am not dead,  yet.

I still want to live.


Put down my phone,

take back control

and hold you again.

I don’t want to be

another line of code,

only born

to fill a role.


I start to look around,

frantic now,

afraid that I have lost you.

Then, I see you,

where I always do.

Your eyes bright

and smile wide.


I push through the throng,

force myself against the tide,

to see you,

to touch you,

your body next to mine.


We become more.

You catch me alight

with your love

and life.

Searching for you

is the best thing

I could do,

and now, I’ve found you.



HG – 2022

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