Sounds and Lights



more by the day.

The sounds and lights,

the bright array.

Once composed,

now gone insane.

Nothing rational

left to say.


In the darkness

chaos reigns.

Tricks our eyes,

infects our brains.

We sought systems

to tame

a world we couldn’t change.

Now, it’s fallen,

devolved into disarray,

while nature stayed the same.


Who is crazier?

The one who quits,

or the one who plays the game?

Who wins?

The one who leaves,

or the one who stays?

It’s getting harder

and harder to say.


These days

it’s getting pretty tempting

to walk away.

Set sights

somewhere along a mountain chain

and let the world

sing its sad refrain.


Sounds and lights,

now brighter in the day.

There might be away

after all this

confusion and pain.

After all,

we weren’t meant to remain.



HG – 2021

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