Playing between the planes.

Didn’t think much of existence.

Never here or there.

To me,

the idea of time

seemed insignificant.


Seeing you there,

I tried to bring you trough,

but we were made for different places,

so I came to you.


Seeking a way

for us to be


in strange


Away from all

the ails of the world.

As much as I

have sought to find

a way to live

a different kind

of life,

I like it here

with you.


Not to say

this place

is lacking

any kind of strange.

The rules make no sense

and the people are insane.

I’ve never stopped

looking for a way

for us to escape,

but this world is here

and you are in it,

so, here I will remain.


There are many dawns

and many suns.

There are many skies

and many oceans.

Life is not

what we tend to think it is


but all of the lives

that matter now

exist here,

so there’s nowhere else

I’d rather be.


What is love

to an explorer,

but the purpose

of exploring


at all?



HG – 2021

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