Before Blood


Watching me,

like a distant parent,

maybe not blood,

but maybe something more.

We were something

before blood,

weren’t we?


We were light,

we were dust,

we were energy.

How might you

understand me?

How might you

light my way?


I am aware of you,

but I have never

needed you,

and so I slip

into ignorance.


I dreamed,

 when I was a child,

that I had captured you

and begged you of your secrets.

You never spoke,

just that strange,

sideways smile,

before you disappeared

behind forever.


I watch you watching me,

wondering if you

are truly imbued

with all the magic

that the stories give you.


On the days

when the clouds

hide your face,

I wonder if you

are missing the view?


Do you know me

in my soul?

Is your stony face

a place of secrets?

Some say that you are not real

and that we haven’t really

seen you at all.


Such a disappointment

it must be,

to see

and not believe.


or bloodline?

Light shines on me

and I am mesmerized

by you.



HG – 2021

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