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“Once upon a time…”

What a horrible way to start.

Living with one eye stuck backwards,

nailed to the past.


Fairy tales were cautionary,

mean to teach us all

lessons writ with bloody fingers,

paid for with souls,

and bodies laying

where they fall.


No cute characters.

No bright sunshine.

The valiant knight

was truly flawed.

The beautiful princess,

was a sacrifice

for a hungry god.


Yet we write our pasts to call

upon the specters of our better nature,

cover up our base response,

our selfish and brutal failures.


Instead of taking in

the lesson taught,

gaining wisdom,

learning the real cost

of time and experience

and turning a profit.


We defy our own advice

and repeat our mistakes,

lean upon our egos,

put some stock in our names.


We court demons and destruction,

oppose truth,

abandon Faith,

and when the fruits of our works

are revealed

it’s already too late.


There are no

“… happily ever after.”

There are no

houses on the hill.

There are brief moments

of joy

inside the story,

but we only have

one plot line to fulfill.


The moral of the story,

if we learn it well,

can save us from the dragon,

and keep us out of Hell.

So step out of the past tense,

into a future that awaits

with the knowledge gained

from your mistakes.



HG – 2021

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