Small Town Ground


We got caught up in us,

never seen the train arrive.

So much of what we thought

came from our small lives.


only two streets,

one stop light,

and the mountains.


Snow came late

and we missed it,

but we were okay.

Just getting by

on diner fries,

and take away.


We didn’t know

the nights were lonely.

all we ever had

fit into

a one bedroom apartment

with a southwest view.


I remember seeing my breath

and watching you exist.

The greatest miracle

God ever performed

was making you real.


My small town mind

was about to be exposed

to a whole world

outside my

simple fabrication.

Reality was waiting,

and I wondered

if you would wait, too.


I came back

to the mountains.

I realized

that those Rockies

were the only place

in the world

that felt like home.


You had moved on

and I thanked God

for freeing you from His arms.

We’ll catch up

at Christmas time,

and when your eyes

meet mine,

you’re gonna see

a whole world man,

that grew

from small town ground


Hope I see you around.



HG – 2021

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