Imagining the Universe


Questioning our very nature;

is it you,

or is it me?

Am I just a figment

of your imagination?

Are you my

divine possibility?


Is there an answer

out there somewhere

that would comfort,

that might satisfy

all of my insecure wonderings,

or do we have to wait

to die?


Hope I have the courage

to try and find

the doorway through

while I’m alive

and not give in,



and stop searching

for some sign.


I Look at you

and I see God

in your eyes.

I see everything that could be.

No answers come,

but no more questions,

in the presence of divinity.


Why exist if there’s no meaning?

I alone,

but you a quandary.

Falling into my absentia,

universe still enfolds me.

Consciousness beholds your being.


No other reason

that to be beheld.

I exist

and you,

I’m certain

also seek stories to tell.


More than the pleasure

of this body,

more than the boundaries of our minds.

Something in us is greater

than the time we have

in our lives.


I’m out here

in the darkness

with you

and all the others,

trying to see

the light.



HG – 2021

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