Breaking away

from what we thought

was sanity.


over and over,

revealed itself to be

something grown under,

a misanthropic


we thought

we could just ignore.



the pain

of separating ourselves

from our reality

comes to pass

and love

will be a casualty.


This is something more

than changing the channel,

this is new mind,

new eyes


This is new skin,

raw to the wind.

Touch is an agony.

Breath is exhilaration.


We have no idea

what’s in store,

but we know we must go.

The change comes

and the future unfolds,

like an earthquake

drives a tidal wave

to shore.


We’re moving

to higher ground.

If we stay here,

we’ll drown.

New heights,

new life,

new sky.


This is






HG – 2021

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