Under This Perfect Sky

Watch the storm clouds

break against the evening sky,

the deep blue of the coming night,

big as an ocean.

My headlights

barely seem to touch the pavement,

wet with the passing rain.

I should be paying attention.

Animals are on the move

this time of day,

and my Jeep might take a mule deer,

but I’m shit outta luck

if I hit a moose.

I can’t stop my mind from wandering

back into the past

and things that could have been.

I wonder,

when did we lose our way?

And when did “good enough”

become okay,

and “okay” become good enough?


begets poverty,

begets oppression.

Poverty of the spirit,

poverty of culture,

poverty of character,

traps a once proud people,

renders them slaves

to the systems that oppressed

their ancestors.

They claim to be “free”

and they are,

but their will to have freedom

has been broken.

Bread and circuses,

the okay and the good enough.

In a few more generations

there won’t be anybody

left out here,

under this midnight blue sky,

but the Engineered,

as their way of life

gives way to progress.

Maybe the sky knows?

Maybe the rain can show them?

Their place on this old frontier

is not to live and die

in poverty and obscurity,

but to live life perfectly,

as it was ordained

from the beginning

and how the whole world

how to live

under this perfect sky.

HG – 2021

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