Carry me

through my


Dispose of any bodies

in my wake.

The days

are strange

and getting stranger

by the hour,

by the minute,

by the gaze.


My eyes open

and I take in

the light of

this blessed morning.

Take this vessel

on a journey,

so that I can see


what’s before me.


Horizon stretching out

into the mountains,

all my wanderings

I have found

a home where

I can always touch

the stone

that bore me

before I turn

to dust.


You and I

are so the same,

I bear you up

when you sink.

You lift my eyes

when I am low.

We found each other

down below.

That is how

all of our stories go.


I think I’m starting

to figure out

finally who I am, now.

Not at all

what I was,

I am who

you wanted me

to become.



we’re all







HG – 2021

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