Pine Cones


Innocence passed away.

The world was not the same.

What had once been colors

is now grey.

I am not afraid.

this is the way the game

is played

and we are paid

with bloodstains.




when we were  young


pine cones were grenades.

Never worried

that things would

blow up in our face.

Every captured hero

always made their escape.


I’m not sure

if this is possible today.

Step out of line

and lose your place.

Feeling like we’re only

steps away

from losing every single thing.


Looking forward

and I am not able to make

out anything more

than rough distances

and shapes.

We’re all in on this,

all the time,

no reneges,

but time is not like gravity.


I think I remember days

of things I’ve never done,

future memories.

We’ve lost the ability

to see



Remember in our younger days

when pinecones were grenades.

in every game we played

we always made

sure we could escape.

I’m sure that it’s

still possible today.



HG – 2021

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