Knowing the Way


So, this is the way?

I never would have guessed,

you know?

How do you hide

all these twists and turns

in what looks like a straight road?


I’ve asked a lot of questions

and didn’t like the answers much.

I’m the kind

you have to deceive,

because if you grab me by the ear

I’ll bite.


Maybe this is a way

of you telling me

to settle down.

Maybe this what you’ve

been showing me

my whole life

and I just kept missing it.


Hard headed

and hooked on feeling,

instead of experiencing.

Story telling

instead of living.

I’ve known for a long time

that I need to get

out of my own head,

but I’ve been scared

of going out of my mind.


These eyes need more

than the inside

of four walls.

These eyes were made

to gaze

of into infinite horizons.

These hands

were made to break the Earth

and work with all the creatures in it.

This skin was make to feel,

spring breezes,

summer rain,

and winter’s cold kiss.

These lips were made to taste

wine made of the finest grapes,

not processed, pseudo-nourishment.


I am alive

and every moment

is a victory over Death.

He will come for me,

but until he does

I am going

to celebrate the fact

that I found my way

to life

before he arrives.



HG -2021

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