The Strange Road to Immortality


We had something more than this

calling out to us

from the empty space before us.

A plane crash introduction

to the unknown.

An embrace

we never consented to.


Warm in the sun,

we never saw danger,

even night held us close;

a surrogate womb

for the unfettered.

They never made

roads for the likes of us.


Flash forward,

burn over

the hard days

and fast living.

Stars falling,

burning up

high in the atmosphere,

but we never once

let a wish

form upon our lips;

our fate was sealed.


Graveyard junkies,

cold blooded,

and grey skinned.

The dark rejected us,

as much as main street,

and Wall Street did.

We broke every rule

we ever made;

and smiled.

The Joker always wins,

the house is always wild.


Kill me like summertime.

Let the songs roll off the beach

and out into the long water.

I never once wanted

what they had,

I knew what treasure looked like

since I was a kid.


Just you and me, now.

All the others

either turned,

or they’re dead.

We own every road

and every town

between East and West.

Put your arm around me

and I’ll put my foot to the floor.

We’ll break the sky, yet.

I promise.

We’re never gonna die.



HG – 2021

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