Caught in the wild,

you were brought in.

They trapped you,

oh, so easily.

Trophy for reward

of their persuasion.

Every type of man

requires some way to show

he’s a conqueror.


Put you in a cage

and watched you

wither for a while,

captivated by your strength,

jealous of your pride.

You are what they

could never become;

free and never answering

to anyone.


A few years of living in a cage

takes the edges off your rage.

Soon, you become dependent

on their good will for food

and reality starts to intrude.

You start to see

your captors as your friends.

You start to think

your masters have benevolent intent.


They’ll do

what they have to

to foster that belief,

until you’re smiling

as they file down your teeth.


Yet, sometimes

you still dream

of wild places,

endless skies,

and golden plains.

Forests deep,

cold mountain streams,

and prey to chase,

and game to eat.


There are still some

of your kind out there,

breathing the cold air

and living free.

Wouldn’t it be great

to escape?

Is that even a possibility?

Or have they

domesticated you?


Is there still anything wild

running through

your veins?

How much of you remains

in you?



HG – 2021

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