Keep speaking,

so I can find you

by your words

and by your deeds.

I’ll know you,

triangulate you position,

I am coming for you.



the darkness,

it was defeated

long ago.

This world

has started

revealing that there’s secrets

you don’t know.


It’s all a conspiracy.


Think you see

the light before you,

but it is only in your mind.

Think you see the world taking shape,

but that’s a structure they designed.

Think you see a future,

but they only time you see is mine.

You’ve been lied to your whole life.

This was all done by design.


It’s all a conspiracy.


You’ll come to find,

that every single kind

of monster is real.

Nothing’s off the table,

when the dinner course

is yet to be revealed.

There’s always someone somewhere

with the inside scoop on the real deal.

Somebody whose cousin

holds a truth they are

being forced to conceal.


It’s all a conspiracy.


Secret messages

and numbers in a row.

Signs and signals

for all the special folks.


ancient aliens,

reptiles underground,

racist, Masonic cults,

and vampires all around.

Viruses and giants;

the truth is coming down.

What will we do

if we ever find out?


It’s all a conspiracy.



HG – 2021

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