No Enemy


Don’t look away,

this is the choice

that you made,

pushing everything

you love

into the grave.



there is no


that can repair

the destruction

you set in motion.

Thought you’d laugh

and laissez-faire,

but what you bought

with no emotion

brought you another

cross to bear.


Can’t undo

the gain of function.

Weaponized that you

don’t care.

That subtle feeling

that we’re falling

has become

blood everywhere.

How did we get here?


Don’t turn away.

These are the children

you emaciated.

These are the lives

you ended,

seeking a palace

of your own.


There is no


for the crimes

of your beliefs.

No other time

we could see

for just to seek

water for the tree.


No enemy;

just another

pawn and pauper,

fraud and liar

playing god.


You can’t ignore us,

we won’t allow it.

The ghosts of the damned


everything goes as planned.



HG – 2021

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