Unknown Sky



in a dream.


the ephemeral.

Transpire while sleep

comes unopposed

by waking.


Pushing through the waves

that try to force me

back to shore.

I’m trying to find

the impossible place.


Under an unknown sky,

gazing up at strange lights,

floating where

the water’s calm,

and I’m the only one.


Still a ways to go.

Unlocking the actual.


just moving forward

is like struggling

through the mud.


Sinking deeper in the shit.

So hard to keep going,

knowing it is out there,

and I am stuck here,

but I cannot quit, now.


Unravelling a dream.

Trying to seek

answers inside of me.

Such a distraction

away from the action

of moving along purposefully.


I think I see a way

past all of this,

just disengage.

Let go of the dream.

Let go of the sky.


I can almost hear the waves

when I close my eyes.

It is time to wake,

and the day calls my name.


Guess I’ll will push through

another interlude,

until I can seek

that piece

of unknown sky




HG – 2021

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