Almost Afraid


Almost afraid

to grip the pen

and read what truths

 it has to tell.

What dreams it would

describe to me,

the nightmares I know

all too well.


It seems to speak

the language of

my inner self,

my shadow.

Whispering things

onto the page

that I’m not sure

that I know.


Almost afraid

to read the words

and see what has

been written.

What secrets told,

what dreams unfold

that I had forbidden.


Another serenade

from my subconscious.

Wave “Hello”,

you should know

it isn’t obvious

who’s writing this,

even though I hold the pen,

the words appear

but I don’t always

recognize them.


Almost afraid

to admit

it could be me

living out these dreams,

lost on a silent sea,

and reaching out to you

by whatever means.


Almost afraid

that you will read

all of my fears,

all of my needs.



how you can see

every letter

and still not hear me.


I’m almost afraid

you’ll get it

before I’m ready.



HG – 2021

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