The Individualist


I didn’t know

if you could even hear me,

so far gone,

lost to the song.


You heard it and you walked away,

the words and melody led you astray.

You started moving to the rhythm,

didn’t see your feet were taking you,

in time with all the others,

out of view.


I don’t know

if you can even see me.

Shining a light,

waving my arms,

everything I did before this

was meant to keep you from harm,

but you assigned yourself as separate,

stood apart and claimed your crown,

and like all those who went before you,

you disappeared into the crowd,

and found you’re in dependence.


There are few true comforts in this.

I think I lost you and it hurts.

Separated by a mind on a vector

to destroy our little world.


I’m still waving and shouting,

and shining,

and calling your name.



HG – 2021

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