Breaking Natural


The world is gonna

break you,

that’s what it does.

Even when we live

in strength,

it finds our flaws,

and we can’t do anything

at all,

except try to survive.

It’s why we bring

a parachute to fall

from the highest heights.


Mother nature

takes her

working fingers,

forms them into ligatures

to wrap around

your perfect figure.

Gives a twist

and breaks your will,

persists until

you are the picture

of a broken human being,

laying wounded and disfigured.



you can heal

from anything.

We can set your bones

straight again.


doesn’t have to be

the end.

There is a reason

why we mend.


We can be stronger

after all.

Our eyes

don’t have to fall.

We can repair ourselves

as something new,

and learn how to

pack a parachute.


Nature will take us all

in its course,

but we can win the war.

You know you want more.

The world is gonna break you,

over and over

and you’ll be stronger.



HG – 2021

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